Wednesday, December 13, 2017

Justin Trudeau at the Hotel Nelligan

I'm excited to be going to Canada again, in January, less than a year after my Nova Scotia trip. I'm practically a Canadian already.

I'm crashing at a Canadian theater friend's place for most of the time but for my first night I wanted to stay at the Hotel Nelligan. Why? Because Justin Trudeau was there. The image below is a screen cap from one of my favorite videos from my Justin Trudeau en francais collection, which I curated on Youtube. 

I love this particular video because it was shot by one of the Quebec separatists with whom Trudeau is arguing. Trudeau is in his politician mode but he is much less rehearsed, more spontaneous than the other videos I found. It's about as close as you're going to get to a home movie of Trudeau. At the end of the video you see him going into the Hotel Nelligan, which is behind him in the picture here.

I can't understand more than about 40% of what is being said although in my defense the sound quality is not great.

Tuesday, December 12, 2017

My argument about Al Franken with Rebecca Traister on Facebook

This exchange was in response to her article This Moment Isn’t (Just) About Sex. It’s Really About Work. If she had left Franken out of her article I would have been on board with her 100%. 

Monday, December 11, 2017

George & Michelle

I am really enjoying Obama's "The Audacity of Hope."

NYTimes book reviewer Michio Kakutani is quoted on the back of my copy:
"[Obama] is that rare politician who can actually write - and write movingly and genuinely about himself... [He] strives in these pages to ground his policy thinking in simple common sense... while articulating these ideas in level-headed, nonpartisan prose."
And it's absolutely true. He writes very well.

And bonus, I think I've discovered the first time that George W. Bush took note of Michelle Obama:
"Obama!" the President [Bush] said, shaking my hand. "Come here and meet Laura. Laura, you remember Obama. We saw him on TV during election night. Beautiful family. And that wife of yours - that's one impressive lady."
In the age of Trump it's easy to feel friendly towards Bush, especially when you see photos of him with Michelle Obama. It's hard to believe now that we all once thought he'd go down in history as the worst president ever.

But he was pretty awful. I think his lowest point was the infamous White House Correspondent's dinner joke about looking for weapons of mass destruction. He was re-elected after that. I couldn't believe it. Some Bush hater made this video about it. The point still stands about the wanton awful destruction of the Iraq war.

But if Trump makes George Bush look good, he makes Obama look like a god. Or as I said last year: hyperion to a satyr.

Sunday, December 10, 2017

Florent Speroni, le gros connard misogyne qui les Français trouvent si drôle

You can translate this into English here.

Si vous ne comprenez pas pourquoi les Français doivent fortement promouvoir la lutte contre la violence domestique, je voudrais que vous regardiez cette vidéo par Florent Speroni.

L'histoire de la vidéo est que l'homme veut raclette (c'est un plat de fromage on fait avec un gril de fer) et la femme lui dit qu'il fait trop chaud. Et donc il la frappe si fort avec la gril fer qu'elle devent inconsciente. Puis il traîne le corps inconscient sur le sol et le jette dans le coffre de la voiture. Puis ils vont en Norvège et quand ils arrivent, il ouvre la malle pour demander raclette. S'il vous plaît noter, il port des vêtements chauds quand ils arrivent, mais la femme port encore des vêtements légers et elle est tres froid. Pour le sadisme supplémentaire.

Je pense que les Français trouvent cela si drôle parce qu'en France, toutes les femmes sont des esclaves domestiques et si elles refusent de préparer le dîner selon les spécifications exactes de l'homme, l'homme a le droit de la battre.

Speroni n'est pas un troll 4chan caché dans les coins les plus sombres d'Internet avec tous les autres psychopathes. Pas du tout! Il est une célébrité en France! Il n'y a aucun scandale a cause qu'il a créé une vidéo violente et misogyne.

On ne me croit pas? Regardez: Florent Speroni : ce “Parfait inconnu” nancéien si célèbre
Le Parfait Inconnu s'appelle en réalité, Florent Speroni. Diplômé d'une école de commerce, ce nancéien âgé de 28 ans est aujourd'hui scénariste, comédien et réalisateur de vidéos courtes humoristiques.
Peut-être que les Français l'excusent parce qu'il a eu un tumeur. Le magazine "Closer" dit:
Depuis sa victoire face à la maladie, plus rien ne semble être impossible pour Florent Speroni. Il a d'ores et déjà pris une belle revanche sur la vie en devenant une star de l'humour sur Facebook.
Mais je pense que c'est une excuse boiteuse. Et je pense que les Français devraient avoir honte de célébrer un tel fournisseur de misogynie extrême. Faire un blague de violence domestique et de sadisme est une forte indication que les Français ne respectent pas les femmes.

Speroni dit qu'il a créé la vidéo avec un autre appelé LaMortLaVraie. En ce moment, je n'ai pas encore découvert la véritable identité de la personne derrière ce compte Twitter.

(Mais je dois admettre, ca m'aide à apprendre le français, à me battre contre les connards Français.)

Thursday, December 07, 2017

Advice from an Uber Driver

 I took an Uber with my friend Val the other night and as the driver dropped us off he told us he enjoyed overhearing our conversation and that he loves Rachel Maddow too and he suggested we also watch Laurence O'Donnell. 

I have to watch Rachel Maddow every night.

Tuesday, December 05, 2017

Miss Willow goes on a hunger strike

She is not going to take it any more.
My cat Miss Willow has always been a pretty picky eater but it's gotten really bad lately. And in the past fews she's gotten thinner, which worries me. Meanwhile my other cat Mr. Fuzz is packing on the pounds. I can't win with these cats - I can't feed Mr. Fuzz less because then what will Miss Willow have to eat?

And so, alarmed that she didn't seem to be eating much of her food this week, I decided to tempt her with rotisserie chicken. Well she certainly did like it! She ate all the dark meet from the entire roast chicken I bought at the supermarket.

After the chicken was consumed (I got the light meat) I switched back to canned wet cat food - some of which is quite expensive. I always have five or six different varieties at any given time because Miss Willow will get tired of one kind of food after a few days and so I have to switch it up. Right now I have chicken pate, chicken and liver feast, salmon and shrimp grill, salmon and spinach, chicken and sweet potato - she usually loves that - and chicken with garden greens.

Well she didn't want any of them on Sunday and I really started to get worried. She's too thin to go even a day without eating, she doesn't exactly have a  layer of fat to live off of. I was worried that maybe she was sick. But she was interested in food - every time I put a new variety of cat food down she would smell it and then do that thing cats do where they pretend to bury something. By the end of the day I had six plates of different cat food on the floor, untouched by Miss Willow, but eaten by Mr. Fuzz, who likes to decorate his food with "real fur" mousies as I documented here.

So it occurred to me that she might be on a hunger strike. Rather than risk her health in a strike-breaking attempt I ran out for another rotisserie chicken.

And sure enough, she gobbled it up. She had just decided she wasn't going to take this cat food crap anymore and it was time to do whatever it took to get the good stuff.


Monday, December 04, 2017

Dream Crushers of the theater & TALLEY'S FOLLY

I was pleased to be able to get in another kick at TALLEY'S FOLLY the beloved stalker/bully-as-hero "romantic" comedy that won the Pulitzer Prize in 1980.

The theme of this past Saturday's NYCPlaywrights weekly email - you can read it here - was based on allegations against playwright Israel Horowitz and women not being believed and the continuing problem that results when men still dominate everything.

I sometimes wonder if Arthur Miller is to blame for the obnoxious attitudinizing of male playwrights. After all, he was a playwright and he married Marilyn Monroe. Male playwrights who have any level of success must ask themselves: "where's my Marilyn Monroe?" and if she doesn't show up they content themselves by harassing pretty young women in the mistaken belief that just being a playwright will more than compensate for whatever aesthetic and age gaps exist between themselves and their prey.

One of the women harassed by Horowitz and quoted in the NYTimes article about the Horowitz allegations described perfectly the results of the predations of creepy older men on young women starting out their careers:
“I heard a word used recently about people like this — they’re dream crushers,” Ms. Dann said. “(Horowitz) took this thing that was such a beautiful thing, this young hope, this sense of promise, and he just ruined it.”
The Times article includes a trackback to an article from the 1990s when allegations against Horowitz were first made. The gas lighting and smearing of women is on full perfect display:
Weiner suggests that the women’s dissatisfaction with the business director’s possible dismissal may be behind allegations of sexual abuse. He said that the business director was “very emotional about everything” and that the women he spoke to were also “tightly wound, you know what I mean.” He insists they had a chance during their conversations in the fall to tell him if they “were put in fear” by Horovitz’s behavior. He says that “one of the gals” told him about “French kissing,” but nothing more serious than that.
I don't think it's a coincidence that Horowitz wrote a play, OUT OF THE MOUTHS OF BABES with this plot as described in Charles Isherwood's 2016 review:
A more appropriate title for “Out of the Mouths of Babes,” a new play by Israel Horovitz that opened on Sunday at the Cherry Lane Theater, might be “Dead Man’s Harem.” In this improbable and eventually even fantastical comedy, enlivened by an excellent cast including Judith Ivey and Estelle Parsons, four women who have all been involved with the same man gather to mourn him in his Paris apartment. 
First on the scene are Evelyn (Ms. Parsons) and Evvie (Ms. Ivey), who exchange polite conversation that becomes somewhat less polite when Evelyn learns that Evvie used to be called Snookie — a nickname bestowed by the man they both loved (whose name is never mentioned). It was Snookie who broke up Evelyn’s marriage to the man.
The portrait that emerges of this lifelong womanizer is not a very appealing one. He met all the women in his life, it appears — and there were many, including his first wife, the original Snookie, who killed herself after Evelyn came along — when they were students attending his literature classes at the Sorbonne. Serial predator, one might call him today. Plus: He refused to do dishes.
But apparently, and we must take it on faith, he was irresistible, at least to the young women dazzled by his intellect and sophistication...
Although he hasn't been accused of sexual harassment, as far as I know, this belief that you can treat young women disrespectfully was on display when right-wing misogynist asshole Jonathan Reynolds wrote about his interactions with his cast:
Now, what does this have to do with GIRLS IN TROUBLE, my play currently in rehearsal at The Flea which consumes about 23 1/2 of my 24-hour day? Just this: we have a vegan in the cast, and I am trying to persuade her of the error of her ways. I've instructed her to stand upside down and then told her she could only have meat and dairy products for a week with the occasional snack of fish just to show her the borderline fascistic rigors of the flip side. She's thinking about it. I didn't have the spirit to bring her the slow-roasted pork, fearing charges of unfair competition: surely she would buckle at the knees and succmb, because there is no denying the pork shoulder. Besides, we need her in the first and third acts, not as a giddy, overfed pig convert too pleasured to make her entrance.
No doubt he thought the actor in question told him she would think about eating meat because his intellect and sophistication were so compelling, not that she was hoping that her association with his play would help her career and she didn't want to risk it all by actually telling the creep what she really thought of him. Reynolds has since removed his post from his blog, possibly after he read my post about it, which he referenced on his blog although the reference link no longer works.

But back to TALLEY'S FOLLY. I have been conducting a one-woman war on that play for seven years now. I'm obviously not winning since the play is still  being produced. But I did include an excerpt from the play in the NYCPlaywrights email, which has a readership of 2500+ (unlike this blog.)

The excerpt is when Sally tries to get away from Matt and he stops her while calling her crazy.

Maybe once it's pointed out to theater people that the tactics used by reviled harassers are the same as those used by the "hero" of TALLEY'S FOLLY they will finally wise up about this noxious play.
You're not getting away from me.
Get out of here!
Do you realize what you said? Did you hear yourself?
     (Yelling toward the door.)
Buddy! Cliffy! Here he is. Matt Friedman is down here!

(Her last words are muffled by Matt's hand as he grabs her and holds her fast. She tries to speak over his lines.)
    (Grabbing her.)
Vilde chaya! you are a crazy woman! We could both be shot with that gun. People do not scream and yell and kick. 
    (She stops struggling.) 
People are blessed with the beautiful gift of reason and communication. 
     (He starts to release her.)

    (Grabbing her again.)
How can such a thing happen? When they passed out logic everybody in the Ozarks went on a marshmallow roast. You are rational now?

(He releases her. She moves away. Matt stands where he can block her exit.)

Matt stands where he can block her exit. Where have I heard that before?
 The most specific allegation dates to the Aspen Comedy Festival, where the comedian reportedly exposed himself to a female comedy duo in his hotel room and blocked the door when they tried to escape. 
But Matt doesn't just strong-arm Sally - he makes sure to tell her that by resisting him she is crazy:
Vilde chaya! you are a crazy woman! We could both be shot with that gun. People do not scream and yell and kick. 
    (She stops struggling.)  
People are blessed with the beautiful gift of reason and communication. 
And I believe the whole thing is played for laughs. The entire attitude is: that crazy bitch doesn't know what she really wants. But this manly man will sort it out for her. And mind you, this isn't even his primary sin  - that would be him stalking Sally for a year after she told him to go away.

This is a celebrated, beloved, prize-winning play that is still frequently produced. And people wonder why men in the theater think they have the green-light to impose themselves on women. Because our beloved plays tell them they should, and it's hysterically funny and bitches are crazy and it's what she really wanted all along, she just didn't know it.

And that's why the theater is full of dream crushers.

Sunday, December 03, 2017

Justin Trudeau, mon petit ami canadien

Un calendrier mettant en vedette Justin Trudeau, fait actuellement le tour de la toile.
Sur Twitter comme Facebook, les internautes se demandent comment une telle chose a pu se produire. Le calendrier intitulé « Justin Trudeau, My Canadian Boyfriend » (Justin Trudeau, mon petit ami canadien) mise sur la plastique de rêve de notre premier ministre.
Je l'prendrais!

Saturday, December 02, 2017

Ezra Levant, asking for a friend

I keep toying with the idea of writing erotic fan fiction about Justin Trudeau as if written by Ezra Levant. Turns out Levant beat me to the concept long ago...

Meanwhile, which Nazi is Levant supporting now?

Friday, December 01, 2017

Memories of theater past

Production photo, heavily Photoshopped by me from
the 2005 production of TAM LIN.
Nick Lowe as Tam Lin. He's now a big shot
at Marvel Comics and even hashis own Wikipedia page.

The QofF's costume is gorgeous. I
 hated that designer's elven costumes and redid them myself 
to her great resentment but I was very happy with the Queen's get-up.
The decision rendered by Judge Lewis Kaplan on the case of Edward Einhorn vs. Mergatroyd Productions is published in its entirety here.

This is the best part - the actual decision:
For the reasons stated above, and for the reasons stated in defendants' pre-trial memorandum of law, the Court should hold that Nancy McClernan is the sole author of
Tam Lin and that the Plaintiff has no ownership interest in the copyright of her play, nor any independent ownership in its stage directions.
The decision was rendered April 21, 2006 but the Einhorns dragged their heels, abetted by a dysfunctional US Copyright Office and so it took another five years before the Copyright Office de-registered Einhorn's fraudulent "blocking and choreography" copyright.

Ironically, in spite of the fact that so much time and money was spent on my play TAM LIN it was never produced again after 2005. 

This is partly Edward Einhorn's fault of course, but not completely. For one thing it was a ten-character play and I don't have the resources to produce it. Jonathan Flagg was footing the bill as producer in 2005. But also I am now ashamed of the "bed trick" in the middle of the play. It's there because TAM LIN was greatly influenced by the plays of Shakespeare and he uses the bed trick in MEASURE FOR MEASURE and ALL'S WELL THAT ENDS WELL. But really, the "bed trick" is rape and I don't want to do it. Even though the audiences loved it.

But it drives much of the plot of TAM LIN and if I take it out, I have to re-write the play.

And come to think of it, Tam Lin was basically magicked into being a sex slave for the Queen of the Fairies which is also rape. This isn't presented as a good thing but still. TAM LIN is just too rapey for me to want to produce it now.

TAM LIN at this point is for me a learning exercise in playwriting - a very expensive learning exercise thanks to Edward Einhorn. It would have been cheaper to go to the Yale School of Drama. 

But directing in 2005 also convinced me that directing theater is not so mentally challenging and mystical as the theater world and directors themselves would have you believe. It's mostly about having a good script, good actors, reasonable lighting and making sure the audience can see what's going on.

I'm not saying I'm the greatest director and have never made mistakes. But I think my direction work is certainly serviceable by this point. Not that I would refuse to have another person direct my work, but other than Olive Butler nobody has every impressed me with their work. And unless I think they're great I don't want to risk working with them. I have issues with theater directors for obvious reasons.

Thursday, November 30, 2017

Stranger Towanda

I couldn't resist doing an homage to the Stranger Things opening title for this NYCPlaywrights video.

I've never seen an entire episode of Stranger Things yet. But I do like the opening credits.

I also like this version of the theme.

Tuesday, November 28, 2017

Fun with Google Maps

You can walk through NYC museums via Google Maps. 

Museum of Natural History

Metropolitan Museum of Art

Monday, November 27, 2017

Rangiwewehi Poi song recorded in 1996

Still haven't found the lyrics/translation of this song since 2005 when I first blogged about it. That was 12  years ago. You can see me seven years ago on the Youtube page for the video asking in vain for the lyrics. 

But at least today, after all these years, I have found another version of the song. In the video below, I'm not exactly sure where the first song ends and THE song begins but I think it's around 1:45.

Sunday, November 26, 2017

Defending women ~ don't count out mon premiere ministre d'amour!

Never underestimate
le Premiere Ministre d'Amour!
As I said soon after Macron was elected: Let the Macron - Trudeau awesomeness competition begin

Yesterday I blogged about Macron's call to fight violence against women. 

So today my Google alert informs me of this:

In a statement for the International Day for the Elimination of Violence Against Women, the PM said Canada must also transform a “culture that devalues women and dismisses their voices.”
And unlike Macron, Trudeau isn't mentioning that "puritan" nonsense. 

Also Macron can't even compete in the "hottest dad" competition. I was surprised that the Trudeau haters didn't point out that his youngest son Hadrien in this photo is dressed as the only female member of the Paw Patrol. This Australian comments with approval.

And now I have an excuse to post a photo of Trudeau. Yay! I don't care what the Internet said in May 2017. I still think Trudeau is hotter - it's the hair. He's also taller than Macron, which doesn't matter to me but many women say height does matter to them.

Saturday, November 25, 2017

Go Macron ~ spoken like a true 21st century man

I've mentioned before on this blog that I consider Macron one of a trio of progressive 21st-century leaders. And he proves it again this week:

‘Sick With Sexism,’ France Must Fight Violence Against Women, Macron Says

Unfortunately France seems to have its own version of evolutionary psychology that says that men should be free to harass women since that is the French way and Macron reiterates it here:
But he also said he did not want France to become a country of “denunciation” where “each relationship between men and women is suspicious.”
“We are not a puritan society,” Mr. Macron said, echoing a longstanding perception in France that gender relations are different here than elsewhere, especially in the United States.
"Puritan" is code-word as this article explains for men in France being permitted to take liberties with women whether or not the women asked for it. Or as this Guardian article has it:
France always prided itself on a tradition of unbridled sexuality and a society based on seduction, where Jacques Chirac kissed female leaders' hands and declared that Michèle Alliot-Marie, who served as justice, defence and foreign minister, had "the best legs" on the right.
Many argued that the dreaded "American puritanism" – the US's strict laws on workplace touching and harassment – would make France a dull place. But now the floodgates have opened on women denouncing French machismo.
This attitude leads to extreme douchbaggery like this, later in the article:
The journalist and philosopher Jean-Francois Kahn dismissed the case as a "troussage de domestique", a phrase suggestive of French aristocrats having non-consensual sex with servants. He later apologised and quit journalism. Women politicians are speaking out. One female Socialist MP wearing trousers and a summer top to a recent commission hearing was reportedly told by a rightwing MP: "Dressed like that, you shouldn't be surprised at being raped."

French society, ruled by men maybe even more than in "Ango-Saxon" countries enjoys the tradition of "unbridled sex" because in practice it's men groping women at will, especially older powerful men groping younger women.

If women started to be as aggressive - especially older women groping young and handsome male underlings, the French, I guarantee you, would suddenly find out that they were rather puritan all along.

It's disappointing that Macron of all people would push that Puritan line since he's living proof that not only can a man be a devoted husband, but his wife can be a generation older than him. 

But then he has to be the leader of French people so his rhetoric has limits.

Friday, November 24, 2017

Evan Marc Katz is a right-wing snowflake who can't tolerate criticism

The king of MRA-style advice con-men Evan Marc Katz wants to have it both ways - first he wants to have a profitable little business telling sad conservative women how to snag "alpha males" by supporting their traditionalist bent in suggesting they behave as passive vessels for manly traditionalist men.

If he stopped there it would be fine. His audience is conservative, he offers conservative advice, it's a closed circle.

But he won't stop there. 

He also feels he has to publicly share his noxious political views which are invariably in the mode of the gender essentialist pseudo science-mongers like Steven Pinker and Richard Dawkins and the other cranky old white atheist men yelling at feminists to get off their lawns. 

His latest atrocity was citing hateful anti-feminist Trump-loving queen of internalized misogyny Camille Paglia to attack feminism by misrepresenting it as telling women to be victims. I've loathed Camille Paglia and her anti-feminism for a long time, first mentioning her on this blog in 2006. And she's even more loathsome now with her support for Trump. I didn't think it was possible for that crank to be even more loathsome.

If Katz didn't try to shovel his wretched anti-feminism at the general public I wouldn't bother with him. But it's his political propaganda disguised by an "aw-shucks-I'm-just-a-nice-guy-doin'-his-best-to-help-the-ladies" pose that makes me feel it is necessary to oppose him. 

He's much like Pinker and Dawkins and the other misogynists who like to claim that theirs isn't really a political view when they suggest that the real problem with women having less-successful STEM careers than men is that lady brains just aren't as good at math/science (or not as rational per Sam Harris) as men's brains. They're just pure apolitical science guys, just presenting the impartial truth - it's their critics who have political views, not them.

Predictably, Katz cannot tolerate disagreement and so blocked me on Twitter. Which is what a feminist-hating weasel would do.

Thursday, November 23, 2017

Where racism & misogyny meet

This American Life on Gavin McInnes and his racist/misogynist "Proud Boys."

The piece reports that the racist who organized the Charlottesville alt-right rally was a member of the Proud Boys.

Here is McInnes supporting lunatic freak Alex Jones today. 

I have to wonder what kind of relationship McInnes has with his wife and has or had with his mother. According to this Gawker article his wife Emily Jendriasak is a few years younger than him, and is Native American on her mother's side. Since she was 31 in September 2005 that means she's about 43 years old now. Which makes me wonder how much longer the marriage can last since McInnes's hatred of post-menopausal women is extreme.

Interesting that McInnes's mother had a career outside the home according to the Gawker article, as a business teacher. One of the tenets of "Proud Boy"-ism is that women shouldn't work outside the home.

Surprisingly considering McInnes's views of female submission and traditional roles, his wife looks larger in photos than he does, or as this bizarre MRA web site has it: Gavin McInnes brutally skullmogged and heightmogged by his wife. The alt-right are a weird bunch.

Also interesting, the McInneses have only three children. That's not too impressive for a guy who believes that white men should have lots of children. Proud feminist Justin Trudeau has three children too. You'd think McInnes would set an example for his Proud Boy followers by having at least one more child than a guy who is considered a "cuck" by the alt-right. But how is McInnes going to do that when his wife's ovaries are perilously close to drying up? I don't have much hope for this marriage, I think McInnes is going to trade his wife in for a younger model.

Also, this is how he refers to his wife. No I don't give this marriage more than another couple of years.

The gang at Canadaland provide more evidence of the bigotry of McInnes.

Wednesday, November 22, 2017

Orange is the warmest hybrid


While sick with a cold recently and drinking lots of orange juice I decide to look up orange in Wikipedia and to my surprise it turns out that the common orange is technically called the "sweet orange" and a hybrid of the mandarin and the pomelo, which looks like a pear on the outside.

not a hybrid

In fact, it turns out that all known citrus fruits are hybrids of only four original species: the mandarin, the pomelo, the citron and the papeda. So for other examples, the lemon is a cross between the bitter orange (itself a mandarin x pomelo cross like the sweet orange) and the citron, while the key lime is a papeda x citron cross. 

This really makes the phrase "like apples and oranges" even more apt than before, since apples are an original species while oranges are a sub-species. That's like instead of "they fought like cats and dogs" saying "they fought like cats and poodles."

Monday, November 20, 2017

Bon anniversaire français!

It was right around this time last year that I decided to learn French. So after several courses I'm at level B1, which is Intermediate. Tres bien!

Here is all about the Common European Framework of Reference for Languages (CEFRL) scale of language fluency.

This page provides reasons for why it's easier to learn English than it is to learn French. Of course the real test would be for someone who speaks a language outside of the Indo-European language family - something like Korean - to try to learn both and then decide. Although of course once they learned one of them, learning the other would be easier than starting from scratch since English and French do have some things in common, especially the multi-syllable words.

But the chart below lays it out better than I've seen before. 

French English (with commentary by me)
accentsin many wordsonly in foreign words (easier!)
agreementyesno (much easier!)
articlesmore commonless common (easier!)
capitalizationless commonmore common (not easier to learn - but easier to read and at least we don't go totally nuts with capitalization like German)
conjugationsdifferent for each grammatical persondifferent only for third person singular (so freaking much easier!)
contractionsrequiredoptional and informal (please note - "optional!")
genderfor all nouns and most pronounsonly for personal pronouns (SO much easier!)
liaisonsyesno (if we decide not to pronounce a letter in a word we stick with that for all occasions - EASIER!)
negationtwo wordsone word (half as difficult)
prepositionscertain verbs require prepositionsmany phrasal verbs (a draw)
rhythmstress at the end of each rhythmic groupstressed syllable in each word, plus stress on important word (OK this one is harder)
Roman numeralsmore common, often ordinal less common, rarely ordinal (easier)

This chart demonstrates conclusively that there are just more things to learn in French. Of the 13 language features listed English takes the easier route in nine cases. Only one feature is more difficult in English, and that's syllable stressing. Which means it only counts in spoken language, not written.

I mean look at this:
  • No accents to learn in English. 
  •  No gender except for personal nouns - in other words no gender for objects like tables and pens. And no "agreement" - agreement means that you have to make sure the articles (the, a) and adjectives you use with your noun have the same gender as the noun. So if you write a feminine word like leg, which is "jambe" all articles and adjectives must be feminine (they "agree" which gender the noun has) so it would be la longue jambe and not le long jambe
  •  And then there are conjugations. 
Here's how you conjugate "to walk": 
  • I walk 
  • You walk 
  • He/she/it walks (this is third person singular) 
  • We walk 
  •  You walk 
  • They walk 

So you have to remember only two different variations on walk. Just stick an S on the end.

 Here is how you conjugate the French word for to walk, marcher
  •  Je marche 
  • Tu marches 
  • Il/elle/on marche
  • Nous marchons
  • Vous marchez
  • Ils/Elles marchent

That's right, there are five variations. And that's just for a "regular" ER ending verb. There are different rules for words that end in IR, other rules for words the end in RE and no rules at all for irregular verbs.

And that's just for present tense. They also have a tense called "imparfait" which means something happened on an ongoing basis in the past. So you can't say "I used to walk all the time." You have to change the word for "walk" itself. So the present tense in French for "I walk all the time" is "Je march toujours." But for "I walked all the time" you say "Je marchais toujours." And yes, of course they have five conjugations for the imparfait form of marcher, since you asked: marchais, marchait, marchions, marchiez, marchaient.

French also has conjugations for future tense, which we do not have at all in English. So if you want to indicate that you will walk in the future you say "I will walk" or "I am going to walk." The word "walk" doesn't get conjugated.

You could say "Je vais marcher" which means I go to walk. The word "to go" in French is the English speaker's best friend. Just say "Je vais" plus the verb and you can do anything in the future, sing, dance, eat, drink, whatever. Je vais chanter, danser, manger, boire. (Yes "boire" is an RE verb and you absolutely cannot guess how it is conjugated. Go here for details.)

Of course you also have to conjugate the word "to go" but at least you already learned that when you learned how to conjugate present tense, and that was hard enough. "To go" is "aller" so guess how they conjugate it? Like this!
  • je vais
  • tu vas
  • il va
  • nous allons
  • vous allez
  • ils vont
This word has six conjugations and only two of them look close to "aller" just to fuck with you. And of course aller has its own million ways to be conjugated in other tenses, but we'll let that alone for now.

So you could get by with "Je vais" but you can't be sure that those damn francophones are going to stick with that form, so you have to learn the future tense conjugations for "to walk"
  • Je marcherais 
  • Tu marcherais 
  • Il/Elle/On marcherait 
  • Nous marcherons 
  • Vous marcherez 
  • Ils/Elles marcheront 
It will take you from level A1 to level B1 (six 30-hour courses in case you're wondering) just to learn all the indicative conjugations. And then they tell you about the "mood" conjugations - the subjonctif. The concept of conjugating "moods"  does not even exist in English. You can read all about it here.

That's it for now but I will be complaining about French plenty more on this blog in the future.

Je vais me plaindre à l'avenir.
Je me plaindrai à l'avenir.

(Plaindre is a "reflex verb" which the chart above fails to mention. One more goddam thing.)

Friday, November 17, 2017

Evan Marc Katz turns to a famous misogynist for advice

I really feel bad for the pathetic losers who look to "dating coach" huckster Evan Marc Katz as some kind of authority on women's lives. He's so obviously useless on his best days and evil on his worst.

Katz holds a classic both-sides view of men and women. In other words, yes, men have been bad to women, but women are just as bad to men

This is easily debunked if you do nothing more than look at which gender is more likely to kill members of the other gender. As The Atlantic reported in July:
The CDC analyzed the murders of women in 18 states from 2003 to 2014, finding a total of 10,018 deaths. Of those, 55 percent were intimate partner violence-related, meaning they occurred at the hands of a former or current partner or the partner’s family or friends. In 93 percent of those cases, the culprit was a current or former romantic partner. The report also bucks the strangers-in-dark-alleys narrative common to televised crime dramas: Strangers perpetrated just 16 percent of all female homicides, fewer than acquaintances and just slightly more than parents.
Obviously men are not killed 55% of the time by their former or current partners, partner's family or friends. Men are killed by male strangers far more often

Now I didn't have to look this up to have a rough idea it was true. I pay attention to the news, read magazine articles, etc. But if need be, it's easy enough to confirm via a Google search for online data. But I suspect that the kind of woman who looks to Katz as an authority on anything isn't well-informed and is unlikely to look things up for herself.

Meanwhile Katz promotes traditional gender-role men as mates to his audience - the kind of men who are more likely to commit violence against women.

Now he occasionally nods towards the problems of men being horrible to women - he mentions the MeToo movement. It looks good to the suckers.

Misogynists like to reinforce each other so here's Katz approving of Paglia's idiocy:
  • Men and women are more the same than ever before and it’s hurt the dating dynamic.
  • Men should be more courtly and chivalrous to women.
  • There is no male defense of sexual assault or harrassment.
  • Women could benefit by embracing the feminine, eschewing victimhood, and not lumping all men in with the worst of men.
In a list advising women to take the traditional submissive role in relation to men, Katz/Paglia make sure to include something that anybody can agree with - no defense of sexual assault or harassment.

This demonstrates just exactly how full of piping hot shit Evan Marc Katz is when it comes to "believing women" which he claims for himself in the blog post about MeToo.

In the view of Katz and Paglia, women are not justified in feeling like actual victims in a world of frequent sexual assault in the workplace and frequent violent assault in the home. Acknowledging the horrors of living in such a world is considered "victimhood" by professional misogynists Katz and Paglia.

One of Katz's sad followers quotes Paglia approvingly in the comments below his post:
“I was horrified, horrified by the pink pussy hats,” she said; the pink pussy hats were “a major embarrassment to contemporary feminism.”
Of course Paglia would say that. She hates women and she loves Donald Trump

And that is the essence of what Evan Marc Katz does to his audience - citing misogynists with approval to make them feel like worthless losers so they'll agree to relationships with awful men. Because the important thing is Evan Marc Katz's track record and there are far more single assholes than single good guys in the world. Pushing women to go for creeps helps Evan Marc Katz's business and that's what any snake-oil salesman cares about.

And when these horrible men treat those women like inferiors the women will accept it for the cause of "vive la difference" and they will not ask for help because they've been advised by Evan Marc Katz and Camille Paglia to "eschew victimhood."

I really hope one of the victims of Katz's horrific advice sues that little weasel some day.

What's up FRANCE?

This British dude used to have a series called "What the F**k France?" but he toned it down and renamed it "What's up France" although he pronounces France closer to "Frawnce" as the British do.

Thanks to this episode I find Macron's been writing poetry.

Here it is:
On a trip to Paris one day, little Sophie 
Met a giant lady lighting up the night sky. 
"What's your name, you magical monster?" 
"My many visitors call me the Eiffel Tower." 
"In all your attire, don't you sometime tire 
Of being seen only as a humdrum tower? 
You, a dragon, a fairy watching over Paris, 
An Olympic torch held aloft in grey skies?" 
"How you flatter me! So few poets these days 
Ever sing the praises of my Parisian soul, 
As did Cocteau, Aragon, Cendrars, 
Trenet and Apollinaire… Since you're so good 
At seeing beneath the surface, you could- 
If you like, when you're back from France- 
Take up your pen and write down 
Why you like me-it would be nice and fun!" 
"You can count on me! There's so much to say! 
I'll write twenty lines…but who will read them? 
""Well, I know a man who'll read your verse." 
"Really? Who?" 
"The President of France."

I don't think our president is even capable of writing a dirty limerick.

Thursday, November 16, 2017

Boy oh boy

I'm glad to see my actor pal Matt DeCapua is getting work.

I'm all in favor of attractive men in commercials, far too many commercials show seriously unattractive ones.

Wednesday, November 15, 2017

Shouldn't it be sju-elva?

They have 7-11s in Sweden. I found this one via Google maps. This just seems weird to me.

Tuesday, November 14, 2017

Blogging milestone

I put Google ads on the NYCPlaywrights web site at first almost as an afterthought. But as of today I have earned $5000 via Google ads - whoohoo!

Friday, November 10, 2017

Creeps of a feather

Well it looks like Louis C. K. is a creep.

 He seemed like one of the good ones.

What is it with all these men and their compulsions? They are not only creepy but they are creepy in exactly the same way every time. Anthony Weiner just had to text with other women besides his wife. Bill Cosby used the same roofie technique every time. And David Weinstein always asked for a massage in his robe. The same technique no matter who the victim was.

And Louis CK's thing was masturbation in front of women working in his industry.

The victims of these men always end up telling the same story because these men are so predictable in their own separate weird-kink way. The only thing that seems to unite them is that they were doing something risky and they knew they were doing something risky. So it's very likely that the risk itself was one of the things that drove their compulsions - perhaps every time they got away with it they felt like they were untouchable - but when that feeling wore off they had to do it again.

There was another way that Louis CK was a creep though. He made a movie which some critics have viewed called "I Love You, Daddy" and he presents a scenario that was based on a real-life event:
...Hemingway claims that Allen attempted to lure her to Paris once she turned 18—two years after she had filmed Manhattan. “Our relationship was platonic, but I started to see that he had a kind of crush on me, though I dismissed it as the kind of thing that seemed to happen any time middle-aged men got around young women,” writes Hemingway. The actress suggests that Allen attempted to act upon the crush by flying to her parents’ home in Idaho and inviting the teen to Europe. 
According to an excerpt obtained by Fox News, the actress cautioned her parents “that I didn’t know what the [sleeping] arrangement was going to be [in Paris], that I wasn’t sure if I was even going to have my own room. Woody hadn’t said that. He hadn’t even hinted it. But I wanted them to put their foot down. They didn’t. They kept lightly encouraging me.” 
Hemingway says that she woke up at night with the realization that “[n]o one was going to get their own room. His plan, such as it was, involved being with me.” She says that she went into his guest room and woke him up asking, “I’m not going to get my own room, am I? I can’t go to Paris with you.”
The actress says that Allen left Idaho the next morning.
So CK's movie, which he wrote, has the same scenario, except that while in real life the 18-year-old Hemingway turned down the 44-year-old Allen, in the movie the creepy old man - 69 in this case - has a happy ending.
C.K. both wants to take on the viciousness of rumormongering — it’s Glen’s presumptions about Leslie’s relationship with China that ruins his life — and the idea that perhaps lechery only happens in cases where it’s unwanted. In other words, if Leslie is creeping on a 17-year-old, can that really be considered creeping, if the young woman enjoys it and is three weeks away from no longer being a minor? It’s a lot of jumbled ideas and justification that ultimately doesn’t work, because Leslie is a goddamn creep! Whether or not he touches her, it’s weird of him to invite China on a trip to Paris with him. Not to mention that they first start getting close when she runs into him in the women’s department of Barney’s, where he tells her straight out that he’s there because “all of Manhattan’s elite girls go here and I like to look at them. I’m a pervert.” So of course she tries on a bunch of bikinis and Herve Leger dresses for him, as he narrates what she looks like in each of them (“Russian slave trader”). Later, she reminds him that she’s 17. “Oh, I thought you were 16,” he replies."
CK admires Woody Allen so much he wanted to make his dream come true, at least on screen. While he was cautioning the world about rumormongering. 

It's nice how creeps look out for each other.

Thursday, November 09, 2017


I've been reading Sady Doyle's "Trainwreck" and think it's quite a good, if rather a short read, book.

I've been a fan of Doyle's for a long time and have blogged about her here many times. My admiration for her has even survived her blocking me on Twitter because I failed to STFU about Mohammed Ali's sexist attitudes towards women the day he died. This is helped by the fact that she eventually did unblock me - I don't know if my open letter to her had any bearing on that or not.

I wasn't surprised her book is good, she's a brilliant writer. And I was especially pleased to see she mentioned what a creep Doug Henwood is, in two places in the book. 

Hopefully she'll write a follow-up and include mentions of people she left out of "Trainwreck" like Matt Taibbi or members of the Dirtback Left besides Henwood. I also hope she'll touch on the unhinged hatred of Sheryl Sandburg on the part of the alt-Left. I suspect it's due to their hatred of women in power generally (Henwood has made clear his idea of feminism doesn't have anything to do specifically with women's rights but rather with "peace and egalitarianism" - which does not, Henwood clarifies, have anything to do with putting women in positions of power.)

I had admired Doyle much longer than I loathed Henwood, but I was very gratified to discover that she clashed with him during the 2016 presidential campaign, which is what any real feminist would naturally do. 

And at the same time Henwood made common cause with Jason Grote, another brocialist utterly beside himself with hatred for Hillary Clinton. I clashed with Grote nine years ago, once, and then I clashed with him a couple of times on Twitter over the 2016 election. And for that, Grote literally claimed I had "stalked" him. Now stalking is illegal and Grote publicly lying that I did this illegal thing is a form of libel and I really should sue him for it, but it wouldn't be worth the lawyer's fees. 

So if a woman expressing a few opinions on three or four occasions on her personal blog and Twitter is experienced by a brocialist like Grote as this scary illegal thing, you can imagine how terrifying the prospect of a Hillary Clinton presidency was for him. 

The NYTimes review of "Trainwreck" is justifiably positive although the review had a quibble with Doyle's views of Harriet Jacobs' career. I also have a couple of quibbles with the book - a very minor one in that Doyle claims that only after their deaths did anybody find out that Anne and Emily Bronte were also authors like Charlotte - both Charlotte and Anne traveled to their London publisher to present themselves in their true identities. Only us Bronte-heads know this but still...

A much bigger quibble I have with her is about Mary Wollstonecraft. She suggests that thanks to her husband publishing her posthumous biographical details, Wollstonecraft was perceived as a "train wreck" and that this set back the fight for women's rights. I don't subscribe to the Great Man theory of history and I don't subscribe to the Naughty Woman theory of history either. There were actual socio-economic conditions holding women back that were little influenced by one writer's life, no matter how bad her reputation.

But overall a very good book and I recommend it.

Wednesday, November 08, 2017

Razib Khan, National Geographic & Race

The "races of Europe" created by Gilbert Grovsenor for National Geographic
In January 2016 in his Unz site column, Razib Khan responded to someone who wanted to promote the notion of "human biodiversity" and proof of intelligence based on race by writing:
honestly i would just sit on my hands for now. in the next < 5 years the genomic components of traits like intelligence will finally be characterized. this is not speculation, but anticipation based on research going on now.
Which would appear to indicate that Razib Khan holds out great hopes for genomic evidence for race-based intelligence.

Elsewhere in the same Unz column, Khan wrote:

A different section of statement relays Fisher’s view of the empirical realities, which would make him extremely unpopular today:

Sir Ronald Fisher has one fundamental objection to the Statement, which, as he himself says, destroys the very spirit of the whole document. He believes that human groups differ profoundly “in their innate capacity for intellectual and emotional development” and concludes from this that the “practical international problem is that of learning to share the resources of this planet amicably with persons of materially different nature, and that this problem is being obscured by entirely well intentioned efforts to minimize the real differences that exist”.

But it's odd that Khan considers Fisher's beliefs to be "empirical realities" (although regrettably unpopular ones) when Fisher's understanding of race must have been formed by the race map above, which classifies the French as "Greco-Latins" while the Germans are classified as "Teutons" (along with the British) and meanwhile Khan says in 2017:
“French-German” is a cluster almost certainly because there are no clear and distinct genetic differences between French and Germans. 
So other than agreeing that "race" exists, Khan's understanding of who is which race based on genetic evidence is completely different from Fisher's "empirical realities." And this doesn't seem to concern Khan in the least. It seems as though, so long as one is a true believer in the vague concept of "race" it doesn't matter if the racial classifications themselves are all over the place.

Unlike Razib Khan, National Geographic appears to have rethought its position, not on who belongs to which racial group, but rather the existence of race itself. The map above is from National Geographic in 1918, but ninety-nine years later they published an article: Why Race Is Not a Thing, According to Genetics which is primarily an interview with geneticist Adam Rutherford who says:
In many ways, genetics makes a mockery of race. The characteristics of normal human variation we use to determine broad social categories of race—such as black, Asian, or white—are mostly things like skin color, morphological features, or hair texture, and those are all biologically encoded.

But when we look at the full genomes from people all over the world, those differences represent a tiny fraction of the differences between people. There is, for instance, more genetic diversity within Africa than in the rest of the world put together. If you take someone from Ethiopia and someone from the Sudan, they are more likely to be more genetically different from each other than either one of those people is to anyone else on the planet!
If I was Razib Khan, I wouldn't hold my breath about finding any stupidity markers on African genes any time soon.

Based on their Twitter interactions, Khan appears to be on much friendlier terms than I would have predicted with Rutherford, who was called a  “race denialist” this past August by “American Renaissance’s John “too racist for National Review” Derbyshire.

Khan and Derbyshire have a mutual admiration society going back to at least 2005.

And when Khan was dumped by the NYTimes Derbyshire spoke up for him.

Razib Khan believes that he is unfairly treated because of his racialist positions but I think a big factor in his career trajectory is that he is just not very bright, and people outside of the right-wing bubble are not so willing to forgive that.

Khan has spent much of his career impressing people who believe in white supremacy and he's apparently found that a convincing argument for his own brilliance. And so in his mind the only possible reason for his career failures are the dastardly machinations of the barbaric Left and the media.