Tuesday, September 21, 2010

unique actor gig

Wow, this actor has created quite a niche for himself: TEMPUS FUGIT An Account of the Activities and Adventures of a Gentleman Physician. Initially his focus was on being a Regency doctor, which is how I discovered him, trolling for images of regency guys (which I've slacked off doing quite a bit lately since I posted so many hot regency guy pix that when I did searches the top results were mostly from my own web site) - but he also does Colonial doctor - not nearly as fetching, sartorially.

He looks quite fine, in spite of being a bit chubby, as Regency Doc.

It's easy to overlook the fact that Regency is such a hot look for guys not only for the clothing but for the hair - longish with sideburns, but no beards or moustaches.

But I do confess, for my money, it's Undressing Mr. Darcy.

Returning from a stroll about town, Mr. Fitzwilliam Darcy prepares to undress... Is he a Rake, a Beau or a 'Pink of the Ton'? (Nearly) all will be revealed as our historical costume expert takes off the layers before your very eyes in this hugely popular presentation about the clothes of a Regency gentleman.


  1. "In spite of being a bit chubby"? Perhaps phrases like this might be better suited in your own private conversations, and not where people might see them, and be rightly offended. I must tell you that the Doctor is quite fetching in both 18th and 19th centuries, and your description is really not very apt.

    Do reconsider this posting, please.

  2. Here's a piece of intelligence you may not be aware of - THIS IS THE INTERNET where people say things that others might find offensive all the time.

    Your ignorance of the mores of the Internet is the only possible explanation for your taking time to respond to one person's opinion - a year and a half after the fact - of the public promotional materials of an obscure actor.

    You are ridiculous to be offended by what was actually a complement, but more than that a link to the guy's web site - free advertising. Because I seriously doubt anybody is going to hire this guy because they believe he's a hard-bodied stud. My expressing the empirically verifiable opinion that this actor is a little bit chubby has no potential adverse impact on his job prospects.

    I suggest you take up knitting or some other constructive hobby and stay off the Internet entirely, you're too sensitive to handle it.

  3. I'll have you know, I know this gentleman personally, and I am greatly offended on his behalf at your comments. I would like to know how "being a bit chubby" is a compliment. He may not be hired because he is "a hard-bodied stud," but because he is an AMAZING speaker, and takes the time to provide accurate information and answer everyone's questions. May I ask how you came to this "verifiable opinion" that he is chubby? Have you seen him in his skivies? I have... He is not in the least bit "chubby."
    As for "knitting or some other constructive hobby" to stay off the internet... WE ALREADY DO ALL OF THAT!!! Sometimes our hands need a break from hand-stitching garments that no one will ever see or appreciate.
    Affectionately yours,

  4. His photos make him look chubby. That's hardly my fault if he isn't really chubby and his photos make him look chubby. He's the one who chose those photos to post on his web site. Maybe, if he's as sensitive about being thought chubby as you apparently are on his behalf, he should reconsider his photos.

    And I did say he looked fine and in any case being chubby and being an amazing speaker are not mutually exclusive and I never said they were. Maybe you're the one who has the serious problem with people who are overweight.

    In any case you have become tiresome your ladyship.