Wednesday, March 12, 2014

Stupid shit Social Justice Warriors say, mazzie and her middle-school mean girl gang edition

This is how your typical Social Justice Warrior reacts to criticism: not by responding directly, but by gathering together a group of fellow Social Justice Warriors for a catty whine-and-snipe party.

You know, like a gang of middle-school mean girl bullies but with pretensions of political relevance.

I figured @mazzie (aka "Uncle Sugar") would take the cowardly Social Justice Warriors route and sure enough... Mazzie also has a blog, but last time I checked she hasn't posted anything to it since July 20, 2013. She appears to much prefer Twitter - but then Twitter is preferred most by hashtag hate-mongers, sloganeers and people who generally don't have enough worth saying to fill an entire paragraph of text.

In standard anonymous-coward SJW fashion Mazzie doesn't reveal her identity in her "about" page and while I could probably do some research and find out what it is, it's hardly worth my time.

Here she is quoting my blog post about her, but she doesn't bother to provide a link to the source. That's how your SJW rolls: no ethics, no honor, no shame.

Since I'm not a SJW I responded directly to mazzie (and of course that inevitably includes mazzie's mean girl gang).

I'm not sure what the "mmm bagel" comment is about. Perhaps mazzie is anti-Semitic and thinks I'm Jewish? If I was a SJW I would be all over that chance at smearing mazzie with the charge of "anti-Semitism" - a SJW never ever misses the chance to argue in bad faith.

So deliberately misrepresenting people - arguing in bad faith - is a pillar of the SJW movement. But even more perniciously is the SJW principle of judging everybody not by the content of their character, but by the color of their skin.

Although Mikki Kendall very specifically targeted me by name for her Google-bombing campaign, which is the ultimate cause of my squabble with mazzie, instead of responding to me as an individual human being mazzie decided that I was a representative of "white feminists."

Mazzie herself appears to be white, but white SJWs seek to avoid being lumped into the automatic-white-racist category by appeasing SJW leaders, such as Mikki Kendall, thus receiving forgiveness for the original sin of being born a racist.


SJW have decided that white feminists will be the sacrificial lamb on the altar of "intersectionality." And unless you have joined the SJW movement you are in the demonized and smeared white feminist flock. As I found out, and as targets of SJW Flavia Dzodan and SJW Sarah Kendzior found out.

The worst aspect of SJWs is that they took a good cause - social justice - and using social media turned it into an excuse for bigotry, mobbing and all-around stupidity. 

And people like mazzie and her mean girl gang Alison Bellach Sonderegger (@alibee), @alittlelately and Amanda Levitt (@FatBodyPolitics) are all very pleased with themselves in their vicious and hateful cause. Demonizing and smearing people - especially white feminists - gives their lives meaning.

NEXT DAY UPDATE: Of course I haven't heard back directly from mazzie herself in response to this post, although I suspect she's whining about it to her SJW pals on Twitter. But she's also spent at least 30 50 minutes today (3/13/2014) checking out this web site from her office computer. As mazzie herself would say, "grudge much"? SJW are always of the opinion that if they attack people, especially white feminists, those people need to get over it and move on. This "moving on" never applies to SJWs though. They get a different set of rules.

Now I am totally in favor of the US government collecting taxes in order to fund worthy health-related agencies. But I'm not too happy about the office equipment of We the People being used by mazzie to prosecute her war against white feminists. Get back to work, mazzie.


  1. "SJW have decided that white feminists will be the sacrificial lamb on the altar of "intersectionality.""

    Every time one of the SJW WOC go off on "white feminism", there are white lefty males and trans women cheering them on. White males love these fights because they can play middleman without their power being addressed. Obviously we're as subject to critique as everyone else, but I'm sure you've noticed that one can be as misogynist as one wants on Tumblr or Twitter as long as it's cloaked with anti-racism, i.e. aimed solely at white women. When you combine this with shoving trans activist cant down our throats, demonizing criticism of porn, kink and prostitution as wrongthink and even (gasp) racist, why bother? I have issues with radical feminism, but they're the only ones in the SJ (not SJW) camp who aren't devolving into open misogyny.

    Just from a strategic standpoint, this is all incredibly stupid and self-destructive. Like it or not, where does the Western left think it is without white women? 2050 is decades away. Also, the SJWs completely erase the many WOC who don’t agree with their individualist liberal feminist analysis and abandonment of class issues. Not all white women are middle class!

    It looks like they think as long as they give us reproductive rights (which benefit men of course) they can treat us any way they want. The cultural left has gone so far, I think a real backlash is possible, though it will take a while.

    p.s. Bonus Mikki Kendall content: She retweeted a comment by trans activist Roz Kaveney claiming that kinkshaming is racist! I'm not kidding:

  2. Hi Jane,

    Thanks for sharing.

    I’m not directly involved in the feminist Twitter wars except in individual skirmishes with Mikki Kendall and some of her more vocal supporters. The origin of my issues with Kendall is her personal attack against me three years ago. Although since then I’ve found her ethics fails extend well beyond Google-bombing a random stranger’s name as “racist.”

    But I’m not up to speed on all the issues, and based on what you’ve said, I don’t know if we agree about all these issues.

    I don’t agree with you in your apparent minimizing of the importance of reproductive rights.

    And as far as transexuals, I am very much in favor of acceptance of transexual rights and acceptance.

    Although oddly enough, the one area that I’m aware of where I think that SJWs created a problem between transexual women and non-trans women is over the whole Martha Plimpton/Night of a Thousand Vaginas controversy - as some idiot named Parker Marie Molloy at Bitch media whines about here, while also whining about the well-justified Nation article about the toxicity of the likes of Mikki Kendall.

    So in connection with your comments, the one problem I have with transsexuals is the SJW-infused insistence that you can’t talk about vaginas and women and reproductive rights because some trans-women don’t have vaginas. Reproductive rights for women is very much about having vaginas.

    And maybe I’m reading the Twitter post you linked to wrong, but it doesn’t appear there that Kendall re-tweeted the item - it looks like it was tweeted at Kendall by Kibblet. If you have evidence that Kendall actually re-tweeted it (not that I would be surprised if she did), please provide it.

    I’m all about calling Kendall on her bigotry and stupidity and extremism - but it isn’t necessary to invent any more - there’s plenty out there already.

    It’s important to refuse to imitate the sloppiness and carelessness of the SJWs. Their utter lack of media-related ethics is one reason why it is so important to fight them.

    And speaking of which - the tweet that you provided demonstrates the sloppiness and stupidity of SJW. The statement: “It needs to be stressed over and over again. A 'feminism' that hates trans people, sex workers, bisexuals and kink is usually racist too.” tells us nothing about what ‘feminism’ is hating these things. I don’t know of any actual feminists who hate transexuals, sex workers, bisexual or kink. Maybe there are those who claim to be feminists who do hate those things, but Roz Kaveny doesn’t provide any examples. Typical SJW move - make absurd sweeping statements about large groups of people without any actual evidence of wrong-doing. Just this generalized paranoid straw-manning all the time. Which is probably partly to do with another SJW trait. For as Mikki Kendall found out - if you actually do attack individual human beings, as when she Google-bombed my name - those human beings may sometimes fight back. And SJW are supreme cowards, as mazzie demonstrated.

    I agree about the absurdity of the SJW tendency to portray all white women as being economically privileged. And not just Twitter warriors like Mikki Kendall do it - Aura Bogado, a writer at The Nation (the magazine so reviled now by SJW for calling out Kendall) enthusiastically participated in the #solidarityisforwhitewomen bigotry festival, tweeting frequently about how "white women" all get ahead by exploiting non-white nannies, can afford non-paying internships, etc. It's a deliberate attempt to generate hatred for people on the basis of this skin color by conflating skin color with wealth, and it's truly shameful that a writer at The Nation is one of those deliberately generating this bigotry.

  3. Hi Nancy,

    If I may I’ll clarify my positions stated above.

    Here's a screenshot I saved of Kendall's retweet:

    (The first link I sent you was from my bookmarks, so I dug the other one up.)

    The tweet was a few weeks ago, I think. Roz Kaveney, the original author, is one of the trans equivalents of Kendall and her friends, engaging in the same kind of silencing and misrepresentation. She’s a prominent activist published in places like the Guardian and is sadly representative of the people driving trans activism right now. The left is increasingly placing trans people above reproach and allowing them to no-platform those who simply question innate gender identity. Regardless of whether you agree with Julie Bindel or Lierre Keith, they do not engage in hate speech as many trans activists claim. I suspect the majority of trans people are just trying to live their lives, but the activists are largely SJW nutcases, I’m afraid. If you’re interested in an inside view of the trans movement, I suggest a fascinating blog by a dissenting transsexual woman at

    I don't mean to downplay the importance of reproductive rights. I'm just angry that men on the left tend to think that's all they need to keep us on the reservation. Maybe it is, which is too bad.

    My opinions are influenced by the year I spent trying to engage SJWs and leftists on Tumblr and elsewhere. It looks like I probably lean more radfem than you do, but that's okay. The important thing is for people to be able to have discussions without no-platforming each other for the slightest dissent. SJWs are making a joke of the left and driving away people who might be sympathetic.

    I appreciate your posts and the opportunity to talk to you.

  4. Hey Jane,

    Thanks for your response. Wow, you tried to engage SJW for a year - you are made of sterner stuff than I am - that is some serious fortitude! I would lose it, they are so frustrating, so beyond any reasonable communications. I can understand if you're stressed out by the experience.

    Do you have a blog or twitter account I could follow?

    Yeah, I'm really out of the loop when it comes to transsexual issues, but it's no surprise if SJWs are making everything worse - that's what they do.

    Thanks for the follow-up .jpg with the Kendall re-tweet. As I said, I'm not surprised. She's a vector for the standard SJW inflammatory carelessness and straw-manning.

    Have you read her "Abortion Saved My Life" article? I've been a pro-choice activist all my adult life, including doing clinic defense, but I was appalled by how sensationalist the piece was. Kendall appears to have interpreted the standard bad-communications problem that plagues hospitals (certainly every hospital experience that I've ever had) in the most paranoid way possible - as if the bad communications were deliberately done because the doctor wanted her to die for needing a life-saving abortion. And because Kendall is pro-choice, the sloppy and sensationalist approach was overlooked by many feminists, including Amanda Marcotte who defended Kendall - and who became a consistent target of Kendall soon after.

    It's amazing how little energy Kendall expends on attacking the people who are most responsible for bad social policies compared to how much she expends on attacking white feminists. An indicator that her various silly hashtags (and endless tweets about her personal life) are more about Kendall's careerism than actually giving a damn about social justice.

  5. Hi,

    I don't have a blog or any social media accounts - I've been laying low since quitting Tumblr and I try not to spend too much time online. I'll let you know if that changes.

    Yeah, those people waste a lot of time and energy. Plug their Twitter IDs into for an idea how much. Kendall averages 130 tweets a day! How many hours a day is that?

  6. Wow - averages 130 a day? I knew she tweeted incessantly, but that's even more than I would have guessed. Thanks for the fun fact!

    And yes keep me up to date if you do get back online more. Thanks.