Friday, March 27, 2015

Is Evan Marc Katz a Sexist Who Tells Women to Settle...?


Every time I Google questions about online dating, I invariably get links to Evan Marc Katz's business of telling not-very-intelligent, conformist women that men are never going to change and women better suck it up and cater to men or they'll die alone.

Evan Marc Katz himself is completely conventional in his outlook - he's mildly liberal but at the same time he believes that sexism and racism are no longer real problems anymore.
This echoes my own perception as well. It’s not that sexists are dead. But sexism as an institution is embarrassing, on the wane, and illegal in the workplace. Same with racism. It may linger in subconscious attitudes and latent behavior, but full-out racism will pretty much disqualify you from holding down any job..
You see, in spite of the fact that for millennia men have completely beaten women down - literally as well as figuratively - things have been better for women for the last 40 years (at least in the West where it isn't as common to force your daughter to marry an older man as it is in other parts of the world) so SHUT UP BITCHES! 

I was surprised to hear about the vitriol from Rosin’s latest Slate piece about “The End of Men”. In it, she asserts that “the patriarchy” – the nameless, faceless, male conspiracy designed to keep women down – is all but dead. And that really rankles some feminists whose entire livelihood depends on fighting against the patriarchy.
Katz doesn't offer any evidence of feminists "whose entire livelihood depends on fighting against the patriarchy" (although I am ready to sign up for that job!) but then his audience is composed of the gullible who don't ask for evidence from their guru.

Katz himself doesn't see male entitlement - the conviction that men deserve to have younger, better-looking mates - as sexism. "There's not much we can do about that."
That said, men ARE impossibly shallow. I struggle with it in my coaching every day. Clients who tell me, as they show me their lists of hot, underaged favorites, “I can’t help what I’m attracted to”. Yeah. There’s not much we can do about that. It’s why the 50+ set is interested in you. Just know that there ARE men out there who are looking for peers. My 60-year-old Mom married a 60-year-old guy. I’ve had single parent clients find the love of their lives on, JDate and Nerve. It happens all the time.
Well women can't help what they're attracted to, but Evan Marc Katz certainly does think there's something they can do about that. But then, Evan Marc Katz's livelihood depends on telling middle-aged women what they can do to change themselves  to meet the standards of men who are soaking in the entitlement granted them by a patriarchy that is still very much alive - but not because of feminists. 

So it is imperative for Evan Marc Katz to try to gaslight women - men feeling entitled to better-looking and younger mates isn't sexism!  It's just part of nature! There's not much we can do about that. And we all know sexism is just about dead!

What Katz fails to mention - and this is never acknowledged in this kind of discussion - but the unspoken reality is that if these middle-aged men can't pick a woman from a list of hot underaged favorites to date, they will go out and get an underaged prostitute. Men don't have to settle because they can always buy a woman. Either for the night, or for marriage with some young woman from a desperately poor country. 

As with so many other things, when it comes to sexism and the patriarchy, it's the economy, stupid. Women in the US no longer have to settle for any man just because he has a job - but men are failing to adjust to this reality, in part because they can still buy women. But as long as we live in a world where there are millions of women being bought and sold to men, we are not living in a post-patriarchy. 

Let’s be honest here – not everyone is equal at all things. I am argumentative. I am short-tempered. I have a low sex drive. I like to talk about myself a lot. So if my wife were to say to me that she’s dated men who were less argumentative, more easygoing, had a higher sex drive, and were better listeners, is that an insult to me?
Evan Marc Katz sounds like quite the catch. I think maybe he's the one who better worry about dying alone.

I'm just sorry that the blog Cupid is Burning is no longer being updated. Miranda had Katz's number in 2013: EMK: Want a man? Then shut up and slap a smile on it, cupcake!

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  1. Thanks for the shoutout:)

    Eventually I'll get back to writing about the douchebag, but in the meantime I'm glad to see I'm not the only one doing so!

  2. No, thank YOU for being awesome!

    I'm looking forward to your future work.

    I think WE might be the "extreme wing of the feminist blogosphere" who EMK thinks is the equivalent of the MRAs.

  3. Monica6:00 PM

    "Well women can't help what they're attracted to..."


    " - men feeling entitled to better-looking and younger mates isn't sexism!"

    Yup, the double standard is clear as daylight.

    "these middle-aged men can't pick a woman from a list of hot underaged favorites to date, they will go out and get an underaged prostitute. Men don't have to settle because they can always buy a woman. Either for the night, or for marriage with some young woman from a desperately poor country. "

    Are you serious or completely deluded? And did you really think that people won't notice how you subtly changed the words; from 'younger' to 'underaged ', because of what a single particular douche said. A 38 year old guy going after a 25 year old, instead of a 32 year old, according to you is the grossest thing in the world. Fine, you can have your opinion. Also, the 38 year old man may not succeed in marrying the 25 year old, true, but such men don't visit EMK's blog for advice. It's the 32 year old woman who does. EMK simply points out that they should settle (shock! horror!) instead of expecting men to change.

    Don't like his advise? Fine, let's hear your solution to this. I assume it will involve some legal restrictions being applied on men barring them from marrying someone more than 10 years younger or something like that.

  4. Who are you, Katz's mother?

  5. And I did not change it to underaged from younger. Underaged is exactly the word Katz used. It's right there in the passage I quoted so anybody can see the context. There is no need to invent fake petards for Katz - he is hoisted quite handily by his very own.

  6. And the notion that I would propose legal restrictions on men's marriage choices is indicative how extreme you are - if somebody criticizes EMK and his incredible sexism - which I provide more evidence for elsewhere in the blog and linked to from this post - it means they want to enact insane laws. I hope you ARE EMK's mother, because otherwise you have no excuse.

  7. Thank you ladies for helping me take my power back from this guy!

  8. Sorry, something happened to your most recent post Meresa. Here it is below:

    Meresa has left a new comment on your post "Is Evan Marc Katz a Sexist Who Tells Women to Sett...":

    I'm pretty sure that I could follow Marc's "advise" (sic) and snag me a man tomorrow.

    Trouble is. I would not be true to myself, I would not be me, the man I would be with would not be liking me for me, I probably wouldn't like him either, and above all I would be miserable.

    Been there done that. No thanks.

  9. And FYI - I totally agree!

  10. I thought it was just me but I am so glad I found this thread and blog. I completely agree. I give his marriage 3 years before his wife wakes up from the spell he has her under. Total propaganda, not to mention training women for the perfect sociopath to enter and completely destroy any kind of discernment or reality check or common sense. Taking advice from this lunatic is suicide.

  11. LOL - I know - I guess I can't really talk, but frankly, I think he's incredibly goofy-looking, on top of his hatred for feminists and his smug self-certainty, presenting himself as some kind of genius of relationships when he's selling the same old anti-woman bullshit. He's disgusting.

  12. Anonymous5:42 PM

    EMK is part of the dating/industrial complex. Nuff said.