Wednesday, March 11, 2015

We all live in a Nazi submarine

I mostly posted this just so I could use that title, but I am in fact referring to the latest play by actor/playwright Nat Cassidy called "The Temple" which is set in a Nazi submarine. Also I know Mr. Cassidy likes to check out this blog once in a while to see if I'm talking about him, and I like to make it worth his while every now and then.

I haven't seen the play so I don't have much to say about it other than it seems to support my theory that there is a solid segment of the off-off Broadway world who want to do manly-man plays, perhaps in an effort to save theater from being too girly-girl - after all, the theater audience is 61% female and of the male audience members, probably a solid 25% are gay, so nothing says popular hit like a war play with an all-male cast (that are not naked and singing.) But producers often don't seem to care, considering women and gays just so much low-hanging fruit to be ignored while they produce musicals based on Rocky, in a desperate effort to get the audience that really provides ones work with high status - straight men. So what do I know? It just might be a winning strategy.

And now I must go and work on my play about Marilyn Monroe.


  1. Anonymous1:28 PM

    Wow. I was shocked that you could be so bitter and condescending about a show you haven't seen. But then again, you call this a review site. I'd love to see your "plays" if you are under the impression that this was a review. It feels to me like the bitter ramblings of an underwhelming artist

  2. No, I don't call this a "review site" oh anonymous coward. And since you got that so wrong, I guess I shouldn't wonder that you would characterize a blog post with the not-newsworthy observation that producers are less interested in reflecting the interests of their largest audience demographic as "bitter and condescending."

  3. You can tell Nat Cassidy wasn't too displeased about this post since he seems to have shared it with all his friends. Which is what always happens whenever I mention him on this blog. I wish somebody would do a study addressing social media dynamics to explore such phenomena.

  4. Anonymous3:46 PM

    This is fascinating- everything you say about the terrible, artist-soul-crushing, unfair and non-sensical statistics of Theatre is true, however, as an outsider I don't understand (and something tells me it is a long story and maybe I should be glad I don't understand) why Nat Cassidy is your particular example in this case, and not, say "Strait White Men" at The Public.

  5. It would help if you read what I actually wrote before commenting.

  6. I know Mr. Cassidy well enough to say I trust him as I will adders fanged.

  7. Anonymous12:25 PM

    Outside of your mistreatment of your collaborators (See the 2005 Tam Lin debacle that was so well documented by The Times), along with your obvious vendetta against another indie-playwright, it seems that you serve as perfect example of the "bitter & self-righteous" theater snob that has caused so many to distance themselves from the art form. If you were a true feminist, you would try to find a peaceful and collaborative approach to how to work together to make the field better for both sexes. Afterall, that's what the rest of the industry is doing. You talk about fact, figure and analytics. Are you in marketing? Do you have sources? Maybe talk about the demographics of theatre as a post rather than lambasting people. Especially those in your self-professed art form. But perhaps your true calling, the art form you truly have perfected, is trolling. A quick google pulls up your racially insensitive and demeaning attitude towards others. You are no better than anyone else. If you can dish it out, you better learn to take it. Truthfully, from the way you operate online, it seems like you aren't advocating for women. That is the mask you hide behind to advocate for the disgusting shell of a human you profess to be.

  8. Speaking of hiding, you're pretty brave hiding behind anonymity, aren't you? Why don't you give your name, you cowardly little weasel? Or should I track you down via your URL and figure out who you are myself?

    If you think I abused Edward Einhorn you must hate playwrights. He took a copy of my play, removed my name, wrote some notes in it and got a "blocking and choreography" copyright on it. And on the basis of this, sued me a year later when I produced my own play. And my former partner had to pay over $300K in court fees to finally get Einhorn's copyright de-registered. With the full support of the Dramatists Guild - here is the amicus brief they wrote for us:

    You must hate playwrights so I have to wonder why you make a pretense of worrying about poor Nat Cassidy, who welcomes this controversy so much he shared my blog post with everybody he could think of.

  9. And I tangled with Social Justice Warriors who falsely smeared me as a racist - these are same people who claimed Stephen Colbert was racist. I guess you're too ignorant and ill-informed to know how crazy and vicious SJW mobs are. Which, based on what you've written so far, does not surprise me.

    Trolls operate anonymously - so actually it's you who are the troll, not me.