Saturday, August 15, 2015

Pips get no respect

I love the song "Midnight Train to Georgia" - I have it in several of my Amazon Prime playlists and listen to it usually several times a week. The backing vocals are what make it. But I can't think of the song without thinking of this Doonesbury cartoon which was published not long after Midnight Train made it up the charts. And now that you've seen this cartoon you will never hear MTTG without thinking of it.


  1. I have also always loved this song, and remember the Doonsbury cartoon from having seen it in the Globe the day it was published! Now, if you want to really get funky with it Nancy, and love Gladys & the Pips in a whole new way, get a 45 of the record and listen to it at 33! This is what I call the Barry White version of "Midnight Train". Really, no joke. It is surreal, and astoundingly beautiful. Every trill and nuance is accentuated and perfect. My favorite line: "Ooh, hoo, hoo what's left of his world."

  2. Hey JGM, what's a 33? Just kidding - although I don't know anybody who has a turntable that I could use to conduct that fascinating experiment. It sounds cool though. My favorite bit in the song now is when Gladys goes "Ooh ya'll" a couple of times.

    Thanks for checking in. And if you are Jonathan Meath, thanks for your good work on shows like Zoom - and tell your daughter Amelia I love her work, which I discovered via Paul Krugman's shout out.