Sunday, January 10, 2016

Evan Marc Katz - still a regressive asshole

Perhaps Evan Marc Katz was stung by myself and others online suggesting he's a sexist douchebag (or hyperbolically, albeit amusingly "a shitstain on humanity") who encourages women to be passive like we're still living in the 1950s. So he's teamed up with some regressive woman - and if you don't think women can be regressive you've never heard of Phyllis Schlafly, Camille Paglia, Ann Coulter or Katie Roiphe.

Katz probably figures, well if some woman says these things it's OK and he gets a get-out-of-misogyny free card.

Nope, sorry Katz. You don't. This mealy-mouthed up-talking simulacrum of an educated professional woman named Kate Edwards says "women need to be much more pro-active" but then a minute later says "I don't think women should ask men out."

Katz then says that you can only ask out a "beta male" - in other words a loser who lacks confidence - something he's already said before.

He then waffles as usual because he's a weasel and says it's OK if you ask a guy out. But really you should wait for the man or you will most likely fail. But it's OK so don't get mad at him, Evan Marc Katz. But you know, you should listen to him so you won't die alone.

He is the king of having it both ways, much like his hero Sam Harris.

They make me want to puke, these hucksters promoting an antiquated MRA-approved mode of human interaction, helping to hold back humanity in order to make a nice buck from the insecure and the hapless and the easily-led.

More on the incredible douchebaggery of Evan Marc Katz and his various huckster friends.


  1. Hey! The shitstain on humanity thread was me! I'm so glad you liked it. :)

    Maybe not the smartest thing I've done to out my GOMI handle, but there you go. I was just that tickled.

    I love your EMK posts. He is such a sexist asshole and all of your commentary is 100% on point.

  2. Hey Andrea thanks for your feedback and kind words. Katz really is such a sleazy conman and at the same time a promoter of traditional gender roles. He needs to be opposed every step of the way.

    And yes I have to agree with you about his status re: humanity - but you said it best. :)

    Katz needs to stop pretending he serves "strong successful" women and instead admit his real audience is backwards, socially conservative women who long for traditional marriage with the husband dominating the wife instead of a relatiinship of equals.

    Normally he refuses to answer his critics because he's a weasel who knows deep down what a charlatan and misogynistic he has become in order to make a buck. I'm tempted to talk to him through his Twitter feed, but I don't want to enlarge his already overblown ego. His tweets rarely get more than a couple of likes and refweets and I don't want to contribute to his notoriety in any way. So he lives in a bubble where his pathetic clients and other dating hucksters constantly tell him what a smart wise man he is - and he will not leave that bubble if he can help it.

  3. If you ever write about him again please give me a heads up here so don't miss it.